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Heather Hansen, Elegant Warrior

“It should come as no surprise that Melanie Deziel is one of the best podcast guests out there. She is a storyteller, after all. Melanie knows how to engage, relate and share in a way that few others can. And on top of that, Melanie provides actionable tips that your audience can use same day to improve their storytelling no matter what they do. My audience has already commented that Melanie was one of their favorite guests. My response? ‘I’m not surprised’.” (Listen to the Episode | The Elegant Warrior)

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Marina Barayeva, Marketing For Creatives

"Melanie was a great guest on Marketing for Creatives. She came prepared and adjusted her content to our audience. She is one of those guests who focuses on bringing as much value to people as she can during the interview. Her episode got good feedback, so we even included some of her tips in the final roundup episode of the year: How to Grow Your Personal Brand in 2019." (Listen to the Episode | Marketing For Creatives)

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Thom Singer, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

"As my guest for episode 333 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do, Melanie was well-spoken and listened actively, which made for a lively and engaged conversation. She truly showed up in service of my listeners, transparently sharing the less glamorous parts of her entrepreneurial journey. Melanie was a fantastic guest on my show, and your listeners would enjoy hearing from her too." (Listen to the Episode | Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do)

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