StoryFuel Speaker Strategy Session


Discover how to translate your story to the stage


what is a speaker strategy session?

The StoryFuel Speaker Strategy Sessions offers new and aspiring professional public speakers the chance to work with me directly to clarify their speaking topic, define their audience, solidify their speaker story and prepare to take their talk to market. I’ll share my experience, both as a coach who has helped hundreds of speakers directly, and as a keynote speaker who has presented keynotes, workshops and trainings on hundreds of stages—large and small—around the world.

In our two-hour one-on-one video call, we will cover everything you need to know to establish yourself as a public speaker and market yourself to ensure you get hired. I’ll share what I know about these topics, in a way that’s customized to your particular interests, expertise and needs, and answer your questions to make sure you feel inspired and prepared to move forward.

AI’ll also share pages upon pages of helpful guides packed with tips, tricks, tools, and other resources that offer clear guidance as you continue your public speaking journey. Still have questions? No problem. You’ll get
4 weeks of email support for any new questions that pop up as you take action on our call.

The speaker strategy session is designed to give you all the information and resources you need to move confidently in the direction you want: THE STAGE!


speaker strategy sessions include:

  • One Two-Hour Speaker Strategy Video Call

  • Speaker Marketing Guide & Resources, including:

    • Recommended Reading (Books, Blogs, etc.)

    • Recommended Listening (Podcasts)

    • Recommended Communities (Digital Groups and In-Person Organizations)

    • Further Learning (Online Courses)

    • Additional Resources (Tools & More)

  • 4 Weeks of Follow-Up Email Support


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What we do on a speaker strategy session call:

  • Clarify Your Speaking Topic: We’ll discuss your relevant expertise, set speaking business goals, and evaluate demand for your keynote or workshop topic, to ensure you’re ready to take your talk to market.

  • Define Your Audience: We’ll define and clarify your ideal audience, helping you narrow down your speaking topics and hone your speaker marketing.

  • Solidify Your Speaker Story: We’ll create a clear, concise and marketable speaker mission statement that shows what you know, who you help and why you should be hired to speak.

  • Identify Potential Opportunities: We’ll discuss the process by which speakers get booked and how to identify and pursue potential opportunities.

  • Questions & Next Steps: I’ll answer your questions and share some helpful resources to guide you as you continue on your speaking journey, from educational books, podcasts and courses, to helpful tools, groups, organizations and more.

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Who is the speaker strategy session right for?

  • New & Aspiring Speakers of all types who need a guide to help them take an important message or lesson to the stage to teach, inspire, motivate, and more, whether they want to speak in schools, conferences, churches, corporations or somewhere else.

  • New & Established Authors who know that speaking can be a powerful tool for reaching new readers, broadening the impact of your message, building credibility, creating bulk-sales of books, and more.

  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners who see speaking as an opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and passion with others, while supporting broader business goals with expanded reach, exposure to new customers and new revenue.

  • Influencers wanting to connect with followers and fans on stage (and not just online), so they can share their story, expand their reach, meet new fans, and bring in new revenue through speaking.

  • Former Athletes looking for help on how to take their experience from the court or the field to the stage or the classroom, hoping to inspire fellow athletes, connect with youth, or share lessons on leadership, determination, teamwork and more.

Book a speaker strategy session

Purchase a session below and you’ll be emailed with details on how to schedule your session.

Speaker Strategy Session
895.00 1,495.00
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