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AN experienced podcast guest committed to serving your audience

Melanie has appeared as a guest on 40+ podcasts, discussing a wide range of topics from journalism and content marketing to entrepreneurship, creativity and curiosity. She’s routinely invited back for repeat appearances, and has been praised for her openness, clarity and practical advice.

Favorite Discussion Topics: Brand Storytelling | Branded/Sponsored Content | Content Idea Generation | Content Marketing |
Content Strategy | Social Media Content & Strategy | Native Advertising | Experience as an Entrepreneur, Marketer, & Speaker |
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Why Having Melanie as a Podcast Guest is Great:

  • Spirit of Service: Melanie is there to serve your audience, not pitch them. Expect authentic conversation and active listening.

  • Real Conversation: Melanie is a professional speaker; she’ll speak clearly and concisely, and she’ll pause powerfully.

  • Help Preparing: You’ll get photos, bios of multiple lengths, name pronunciation, social links and more, in advance.

  • Easy Set-up: Melanie has experience recording podcast interviews via Skype, Zoom, Zencastr, and other systems.

  • Great Sound Quality: She’ll be in a quiet environment with access to several headset and mic options.

  • Promotion Ally: As a marketer, Melanie knows the value of an audience. She’ll help share the episode on social media.

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  • Bios: We’ll share a short biography, a long one, and even a pre-written spoken introduction (with pronunciation help) to build on.

  • Images: You’ll get several headshot options, StoryFuel company logos, and plenty of speaking and lifestyle photo options too.

  • Links: To help with show notes and promo, we share links to social profiles, freebies, commonly mentioned pages & more.

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