12 weeks to a more confident, creative and strategic brand storyteller

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What Is The StoryFuel Brand Storyteller Mastermind?

The StoryFuel Brand Storyteller Mastermind offers individual creators and members of smaller content teams the chance to work with me directly to optimize their brand content strategy, achieve their content goals, and improve their brand storytelling skill set. Registration is capped at 10 storytellers.

Each week, for 12 weeks, we will gather for an exclusive LIVE 60-minute group video coaching call. For the first half, I’ll give a carefully chosen lesson on a key brand storytelling skill or tactic, complete with recommended tools, tips and Q&A. Each call will also include a Storyteller Spotlight, where one of member will get personal attention for a storytelling challenge or project of their own. Each class will end with Q&A and recommended independent activities to help you put the lessons into action on your own.  

At the end of our 12 weeks together, you’ll be more strategic in your brand storytelling, more creative in your ideation, and more confident in your ability to tell compelling stories to attract, engage, retain and convert your audience.


What mastermind members get:

  • A carefully curated 12-week curriculum designed to help improve your Brand Storytelling skills

  • 12 60-minute group video coaching calls (LIVE!)

  • Lifetime access to recordings of all 12 group coaching calls

  • One 20-minute Storyteller Spotlight Session

  • A written transcript of your Storyteller Spotlight Session

  • Worksheets, guides, links and other resources to support your learning

  • A cohort of fellow storytellers to support and inspire you

  • 12 weeks of access to the exclusive Mastermind Alumni FB Group

    • LIMITED OFFER: Lifetime access to the Mastermind Alumni FB Group!


What past members have said:

In a survey of past members of the StoryFuel Brand Storyteller Mastermind:

  • 100% said the Brand Storyteller Mastermind “fulfilled its promise to help you become more strategic in your brand storytelling, more creative in your ideation, and more confident in your ability to tell compelling stories to attract, engage, retain and convert your audience."

  • 100% said they would recommend the Brand Storyteller Mastermind to others interested in honing their content skills

  • 100% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with their experience in the Brand Storyteller Mastermind

  • 100% said the content of the Brand Storyteller Mastermind was relevant/very relevant and helpful/very helpful


What happens on the calls:

  • Welcome (5 minutes): We’ll introduce the week’s topic and do some quick “Hellos.” It’s important that we know and are comfortable with one another so we can feel comfortable asking questions, seeking advice, and sharing our ideas, as a group and individually.

  • Masterclass (25 minutes): I’ll focus on a specific topic from our Mastermind Curriculum, sharing information, tips, tools, and more to help you master a new portion of your Brand Storyteller skillset.

  • Masterclass Review (5 minutes): We’ll spend a few minutes on questions before we dive into our next section.

  • Storyteller Spotlight (20 minutes): One storyteller will have the floor for 20 minutes to get 1:1 attention, advice and input on a specific content challenge, goal, or project of their choosing. Others listen in to learn.

  • Wrap Up & Preview (5 minutes): We’ll address any final questions, and I’ll give a preview of the topic for the following week, as well as any homework or resources to bring your attention to in the interim.


JOIN THE OCTOBER 2019 cohort!

The next Mastermind runs Tuesday October 1st through Tuesday December 17th.

Membership to the Brand Storyteller Mastermind is usually $2,995.

Storytellers who join the October cohort will save $550, and pay only $2,445.

BONUS 1: The October cohort will also get LIFETIME access to the
Mastermind Alumni Facebook Group for no extra cost. (Normally $295 a year)

BONUS 2: The first four members to join the October Cohort will get
a 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me!




Brand Storyteller Mastermind (October 2019)
2,445.00 2,995.00
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The Mastermind Curriculum

Week 1: Welcome to the Brand Storyteller Mastermind!

In our first meeting, we’ll focus on getting to know each other. We’ll do a round of introductions, and you’ll share your goal for joining the Brand Storyteller Mastermind. I’ll offer a preview of the agenda to come, and we’ll have some open time for questions and discussion so we’re ready to start strong. You’ll finish this week feeling like you’re in the right place and surrounded by a great group.

Week 2: Setting Storytelling Goals

This week we’ll talk about WHY we do brand storytelling at all. We’ll discuss some of the roles that storytelling can play in our marketing, for personal or business use, and we’ll discuss the three main goals of brand content. You’ll finish this week with clear brand storytelling and content goals.

Week 3: Anatomy of a Content Idea

We’ll start by getting on the same page, defining what a content idea really is, and I’ll provide you with some tools and tips for expanding your definition of content, so you can reach new creative heights. You’ll finish this week feeling inspired to generate hundreds of content ideas.

Week 4: Audience-Centric Content

This week we’re going to shift our storyteller mindset to one focused on our audience. I’ll talk about how to use your audience’s questions to inform your content strategy and share some tips for how to find those questions and build a strategy around them. You’ll finish this week with a clear sense of what content your audience wants and needs from you.

Week 5: Multipliers & Franchises

This week we’ll talk about how to turn one idea into many, as we discuss multipliers and recurring franchises that give your content calendar structure and repeatability. You’ll finish this week with inspiration for creating a scalable and structured editorial calendar.

Week 6: Mid-Mastermind Check-in

Believe it or not, we’re halfway through! This week we’ll pause to reflect on what we’ve done so far and share our progress on our goals. We’ll spend our time asking and answering questions, making adjustments, sharing challenges, and problem solving together. The goal is to make sure we’re still moving forward, and we’re anticipating any roadblocks before we get stuck!

Week 7: Creating Credible Content

This week we’ll focus on making our content trustworthy for our audience. We’ll talk about the importance of reputable sources, and I’ll share how to identify and find expert sources who can bring credibility into your content.

Week 8 - Week 11: Cohort-Specific Topics & Lessons

This Mastermind is customized each time it runs to fit the specific needs and desires of the cohort’s members, so the exact themes of the lessons in weeks 8-11 will be chosen based on the group’s preferences, priorities and feedback. Past group selections for weeks 8-11 have included:

  • Content Repurposing

  • Social Content Deep-Dives (Content & Strategy for Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube & More)

  • Additional Group Brainstorm Session

Week 12: Review & Wrap Up

You won’t believe our time is up already! We’ll go around and share our take-aways from our time together, our proudest accomplishments and the things we want to continue to work on. I’ll have some time for open questions, and I’ll share some information about how you can all continue to support one another (and work with me) after our meetings have ended.


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Brand Storyteller Mastermind (October 2019)
2,445.00 2,995.00
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