Looking for Melanie Deziel’s slides?

Ok, look… I’m not going to give you the slides, because that’s not what you really want.

I’m going to assume that what you really want is to recall the information you heard in the keynote or workshop, share some of the information with your content, marketing or sales team and—hopefully—put the information into practice to start telling better stories. Right?

Well we both know that’s not going to happen with slides that you download, save and then promptly forget about. (R.I.P. to all the slide decks I’ve downloaded with the best of intentions.)

So here’s what I’m giving you instead: Below you’ll find much more practical presentations of the information we covered—worksheets, printouts, guides and more—so you can have what you really want.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.14.06 AM.png

Download the Storyfuel Content idea Matrix and worksheets

Coming up with content ideas from scratch is hard. The StoryFuel Content Matrix provides a framework for finding the intersections between content focuses and content formats, and includes 10 ready-to-print worksheets, allowing you to generate more than 300 content ideas in a single sitting.


Download the Storyfuel story idea guide

One of the most common content marketing challenges is not knowing what stories to tell. This Story Idea Guide will show you how to generate unique content ideas, with a focus on storytelling and providing value to your audience.


More resources coming soon!

Stay tuned for more resources in the works!