Things I Love: Sending Sweet Thanks With SugarWish

So many folks reached out after my last blog post about my new favorite luggage, from Away, that I thought I'd do a post about another company I recently fell in love with: SugarWish! I discovered SugarWish when my fellow marketing speaker Jessika Phillips sent me one of my own after I was a part of an online summit she hosted. I received an email with a custom e-card and note telling me that Jessika had sent me a SugarWish. All I had to do was enter my mailing address and select my two favorite kinds of candy in order to get a delicious custom delivery. (They didn't mention how adorable the package would be.)

Blue SugarWish Candy Duet Box with a Red Ribbon

What I love about sending these goodies is that it's super easy. All you need is an email address for the recipient and SugarWish handles the rest. This is key for me because—let's be honest—asking people for their mailing address can be awkward, and it creates a weird sort of tension that requires you either ruin the surprise or leave them hanging for a week while they wait for a package.

I also love that it lets the recipient choose their favorite candies for delivery, which eliminates having to guess or assume what someone might like, and removes the risk of a bad choice on your part. (I usually go with the Duet, which lets them pick their two favorites for delivery, but there are packages that let them pick four or more, too, if you're feeling reallllly thankful.)

But beyond that, it's also something a little more unique than your average "thank you" note. The entire experience of getting one makes you feel special, which is the whole point of sending thanks anyway! (And, since recipients are allowed to send a note in reply, I can tell you that people definitely appreciate it!)

I've taken to sending SugarWishes for so many different reasons, and it's now my go-to way to say thanks, congratulations any anything else worthy of a sweet treat.

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples of folks who I've sent a SugarWish to (or will be!):

  • Clients, upon signing a contract or at the end of our engagement
  • Event organizers who have hosted me for a speech
  • Panelists who have joined me for a panel I moderated
  • Vendors or customer contacts who went above and beyond to solve a problem
  • Mentors and colleagues who were instrumental in an accomplishment
  • Friends who helped me through a hard time, or are having one themselves
  • Friends who welcomed a new baby
  • Colleagues starting a new job
  • Anyone, on their birthday, a holiday or just because

Let me know if you give it a shot and what tasty treats you'd pick! And you can always use me as a test if you want to try sending one. (No shame. I love candy.)


Heads up: This page contains an affiliate link, which means I may get a reward for any sales I refer, at no extra cost to you. Since I only recommend products and services I actually like and use, hopefully this is a win/win!