Introducing: StoryFuel

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A message from StoryFuel Founder, Melanie Deziel:

When I left the corporate world in February 2016 to launch my business as a branded content consultant and speaker, I never could have imagined what it would ultimately grow into.

In the last 2.5 years, we’ve helped countless companies—from local jewelers to national insurance companies—define and implement their brand storytelling strategy. We’ve assisted amazing publishers like Thrive Global, TheStreet, Apartment Therapy and more in setting up and optimizing their branded content practices. We’ve been a part of brand studio launches around the globe, including studios in Belgium, Denmark and New Zealand. I’ve personally gotten to appear on more than 30 podcasts, and travel the world giving keynotes and workshops, taking our brand storytelling message to the stage in 12+ countries and teaching tens of thousands of marketers to think like journalists.

As the mission, and the impact, has grown, so has the need for a fresh coat of paint...


Introducing: StoryFuel


Though the logo has changed, the mission remains the same: empowering brands to tell better stories and teaching marketers to think like journalists.

StoryFuel offers brand storytelling consulting for brands and publishers, full-day facilitated Brand Storytelling Salons, and inspiring keynote speeches for marketing- and content-focused events.

We can't wait to tell better brand stories with you. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't include a few important notes of thanks, as StoryFuel wasn’t built in a day, or on an island. Thank you to Nicole Andreini of Nicole&Co, who created our fabulous new brand identity and built the framework for our amazing new website. Thanks to the many trusted friends, coaches and advisors who offers insights and shared feedback. And special thanks to my husband Yasin, who has been my brainstorm partner, my business coach, my sounding board, and my biggest fan, supporting my dreams from day one, no matter what name they went by.


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